40 Days of Prayer

Follow the guide for each day and hold that place/person in prayer throughout that day. When you have completed the 20 suggestions repeat the booklet for a second round.


Welcome and thank you in taking part in this Prayer Practice!

Each day leads you on a walk through our Church, focusing on a specific area to pray on.

This activity is meant to be done twice (2 rounds of 20 days) with personal reflection questions at the end.

Romans 12:12 ESV Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.


Day 1

Pray for all people who have walked past our doors and wondered what lay inside. We welcome them in with open hearts, ready to share the love of Jesus!

Day 2

Pray for everyone who takes a seat in our pews, may they find comfort, joy and peace in worshiping our Great Creator!

Day 3

Pray for Pastor Pam – may the Holy Spirit guide her and nurture her as she guides and nurtures us!

Day 4

Pray for our Musical Team – bless their service in worshiping our Lord!

Day 5

Pray a prayer of thankfulness for the families who came before us and built up our church and congregation.

Day 6

Jesus Loves the Little Children! Pray for the very youngest of our congregation and their Parents.

Day 7

Pray for each of the groups who use this multi-purpose room. Pray the remodeling of this room can meet the needs of all who gather there.

Day 8

Pray we continue to be blessed with a variety of resources in our Library and that it continues to help in our Faith Journey.

Day 9

Pray for the behind-the-scenes people who are entrusted with caring for our spaces. Pray for those who ensure we have the materials needed to conduct Worship and gather together in Fellowship easily.

Day 10

Pray for the volunteers who have made countless pots of coffee and sandwiches and washed mountains of dishes. We are thankful for this space that can nourish bodies as well as spirits!

Day 11

Pray for our Fellowship Hall and the variety of gatherings that occur in this busy space. May all who pass through feel the Holy Spirit at work here!

Day 12

Pray for our United Church Women – ask for blessings upon their generosity and friendships.

Day 13

Pray for our Sunday School children and teachers. May the children who join us each week learn about God’s Love and the Salvation that Jesus brings!

Day 14

Pray for the Youth Group who meet weekly. Encourage their friendships and their growth in Jesus.

Day 15

Pray for the children & their families who come to Vacation Bible School. Pray that this ministry shows them there’s no better friend than Jesus!

Day 16

Pray for the Bible Study Group. Encourage their thirst to dig deep into scripture and to review it with fresh eyes and renewed hearts.

Day 17

Pray for the people who want to come to worship but face barriers – either physical or mental. Help us to recognize these barriers and give us wisdom to help where we can.

Day 18

Pray we give with cheerful hearts. Not just in our offering, but with the many opportunities presented throughout this year to give to those in need.

Day 19

Pray for the people of Thorndale and Surrounding Area. Pray that we can be instrumental in leading them to Jesus. Pray that we can meet their needs.

Pray for the Spirit to move in the Community with a power we’ve never seen before!

Day 20

Pray we remember CHURCH doesn’t mean a BUILDING. It is a group of people committed to loving God. We are committed to creating personal relationship with Jesus and sharing God’s love to all around us.

Repeat prayer cycle from Day 1 to Day 20


  1. What does Thorndale United Church mean to you?
  • Did you feel pulled more towards one area of the church than another? Did that change after the second round?
  • How does this church family support you and encourage your spiritual growth?
  • Did you recognize other areas that should be lifted up in prayer?