Reverse Pre-Advent Food Drive

An Advent calendar is used to count down the days until Christmas by opening a box and discovering an ornament – or chocolate – or something that helps you focus on the Advent journey. A reverse Advent calendar focuses on giving something instead of receiving – a Christ centered idea indeed – since Christmas is all about God giving himself to us as a baby.

The idea behind a reverse pre- Advent calendar is simple. Pick out a sturdy basket, box or bag and fill it with food donations for your local food bank – one item for every day in November. We collect before the real advent countdown so that the donations have a chance to be distributed to those in need before Christmas.

Thorndale United church will gladly receive your donations and transport them between the two most local food banks. Dorchester and ST. Mary’s.

Please drop off your completed collection to Thorndale United Church on Saturday Dec 4th between 9am and noon or call to arrange a pick up 519-609-6132.

THANK YOU for doing your part to feed the hungry!!

Follow our suggested daily items list or modify as it suits you.

Nov 1          can of hearty soup

Nov 2          box of soda crackers

Nov 3          canned stew

Nov 4          canned tuna

Nov 5          box of cereal

Nov 6          canned fruit or individual cups

Nov 7          canned vegetables (peas,carrots,corn)

Nov 8          Rice

Nov 9          pasta noodles

Nov 10        pasta sauce

Nov 11        instant potatoes

Nov 12        instant oatmeal

Nov 13        canned chili

Nov 14        peanut butter

Nov 15        juice boxes

Nov 16        lunch snacks for school kids

Nov 17        canned tomatoes

Nov 18        baby biscuits or pablum

Nov 19        canned pork and beans

Nov 20        chicken noodle soup

Nov 21        canned ham

Nov 22        canned corn beef

Nov 23        bag of flour (small size)

Nov 24        bag of sugar

Nov 25        vegetable oil (small size)

Nov 26        tomato soup

Nov 27        granola bars or pop tarts

Nov 28        pancake mix & syrup

Nov 29        canned pasta (alphaghetti, chefboyrdee)

Nov 30        toilet paper

Nov 31        any toiletries (toothpaste & brush, soap, shampoo, feminine hygiene products)


  • Anything that has to be refrigerated
  • Homemade food
  • Expired food
  • Food without a label
  • Food or packaging that’s falling apart or damaged

things to consider

  • Pop-top cans are ideal; particularly for those living on the streets.
  • Consider donating reusable sturdy shopping bags. Supplies are heavy and they’ll likely be walking home or taking public transportation.