Thorndale United Church Women

Welcome to the Thorndale United Church Women Web Page. All ladies who are members of Thorndale United Church are members of the UCW. We warmly welcome all who would like to join us. We meet the second Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m., excluding July and August.

Our Purpose is, “To unite women of the congregation for the total mission of the Church and to provide a medium through which we may express their loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian Witness, Study, Fellowship and Service”.

We are divided into four committees, Church in Society, Stewardship, World Outreach and Christian Development. Each committee plans and hosts two meetings per year. The other two meetings take the form of a Spring Luncheon in May, and in January, Coin teams provide the programme and lunch. Our June meeting is an outing usually to a Theatre Production, or some other place of interest such as Iris Gardens, Stratford Theatre Wardrobe Shop or a picnic at one of the member’s home.

Besides our regular meetings, our members visit monthly the sick, elderly or shut-ins and remember them at Christmas with a gift; sell previously enjoyed magazines (for a reasonable price of 2 for $1.); honour birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, marriages; cater to Thorndale Lions Dinner Meetings three times a year and funeral lunches when needed; update the Church Photo Album; collect used stamps to help purchase Bibles for Third World Countries, used eye glasses to go overseas and pennies to help meet expenses; financially support Vacation Bible School, our church, fourteen services outside the Congregation and the United Church Mission & Service Fund; take care of church flowerbeds and the church kitchen.

We value the support of the Congregation, and welcome new members at any time to our enjoyable and informative meetings.

2019 Thorndale U.C.W. Executive

Past President: Yvonne Elliott
President: Nancy Urquhart
Vice President:
Secretary: Elaine Clays
Assistant Secretary: Dorothy Jones
Treasurer: Christal Tipping
Assistant Treasurer: Dorothy Elliott
Catering Convenor: Chris Tipping
Lions Meal Convenors: (January – Marg JonesMarch – Elaine Clays, September – Yvonne Elliott)
Mission & Service Rep. – Pam Wilcox
Council Rep.: Elaine Clays
Church Chat: Elaine Clays
Pianist: Yvonne Elliott
Kitchen Supervisor: June Rogers
Landscape Committee: Christal Tipping, Elaine Clays
Financial Advisors: Nancy Urquhart, Joyce Robinson
Nominating Committee 2020: Yvonne Elliott, Nancy Urquhart
Coin Team Leaders: Grace Fulton, Barb Wilson


World Outreach – Dorothy Jones, Joanne Lawton, Joyce Robinson, Yvonne Elliott
Christian Development – Marilyn Robinson, Chris Tipping, Clara Smith, June Rogers
Stewardship – Marlyn Brady, Dorothy Dicker, Elaine Clays, Grace Fulton
Church in Society – Doreen Madge, Grace McGuffin, Barb Wilson, Dorothy Elliott, Nancy Kell
Coin Teams:
Grace Fulton, Grace McGuffin, June Rogers, Dorothy Jones, Marlyn Brady, Nancy Kell, Elaine Clays, Chris Tipping, Dorothy Dicker
Barb Wilson, Dorothy Elliott, Marilyn Robinson, Yvonne Elliott, Clara Smith, Joanne Lawton, Nancy Urquhart, Doreen Madge, Joyce Robinson

Upcoming Meetings

January 8th – 10 a.m. – Installation of Officers
Host Committee: Grace Fulaton’s Coin Team
Program Committee: Barb Wilson’s Con Team
Rollcall: Your highlight of last year.
**Pay $5.00 Membership Fee

February 12th – 10 a.m.
Host & Devotional Committee: Christian Development
Rollcall: A funny short story, joke or humorous item.
***Bring a decorated bag ($5. Minimum value) to be auctioned off

February 27th 9 a.m.
Middlesex Presbyterial – Riverside U.C. Registration & Fee ($25.) due by Feb. 21st.

March 1st
– World Day of Prayer at Kintore

March 12th – 10 a.m.
Host & Devotional Committee: Church in Society
Rollcall: A hobby you wish you could try.
***Bring a donation for local foodgrains project – cheques payable to “Good Neighbour Project” (Receipts will be issued)

April 9th – 10 a.m.
Host & Devotional Committee: World Outreach
Rollcall: Have you ever rode a horse or drive a team?
***Bring School Supplies for South Sudan.

May 14th – 12:30 p.m.
Food Organization: Chris Tipping & Elaine Clays
Tickets: Chris Tipping ($20.)
Decorating (& Napkins) – Marilyn Robinson & Yvonne Elliott
Entertainment: Fashion Show – Marlyn Brady
**Each member brings a door prize (Value $10. Minimum)

June 11th – “Fun Day Out”
Host Committee – Stewardship

July & August – No Regular Meeting

September 10th – 10 a.m.
Host & Devotional Committee – Church in Society
Rollcall: A memory of your grandparents
***Bring cash donation for ANOVA (Women’s Community House)

October 8th – 10 a.m.
Host & Devotional Committee – World Outreach
Rollcall: Something in Creation you are thankful for.
***Bring a donation for My Sister’s Place (Craft Supplies, Old Jewellery, small size of hand lotion or shampoo etc.)

November 12th – 10 a.m.
Host & Devotional Committee – Christian Development
Rollcall: Do you have a friend or family in the Arm Forces?
***Bring a cash donation for the ELUCO Family
Final month of coin contest

December 10th – 10 a.m.
Host & Devotional Committee – Stewardship Rollcall: Bring your favourite Christmas decoration or ornament & tell why it’s your favourite
***Bring a gift for Rotholme (Men, women & children)
(Deliver gifts to sick & shut-ins prepared by Church in Society)

January 14th, 2020 – 10 a.m.
Host Committee – Coin Team Runner Up
Program Committee – Coin Team Winners
Rollcall: A recent Christmas Memory.